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by Jan 28, 2022

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When you have questions about money, who do you go to first?

  • A financial advisor
  • The financial media
  • Your friends and family
  • Your pastor or a leader in your church

Do you ever find it challenging to decide who to listen to? What a variety of perspectives!

The blog at MattChristopherWhite.com will help you seamlessly integrate the kinds of wisdom and knowledge that you might hear from each of them, capably think for yourself, and make confident and joyful money decisions. Here’s a look at how:

Financial Advisor

Money is complicated. It takes hard work to understand it. I’ve spent the better part of the last two decades learning, thinking, listening, and talking about money. Yes, I’ve earned the credentials—the Certified Public Accountant license and the Certified Financial Planner™ certification. But more importantly, I’ve proven my credibility with clients, professional colleagues, and others—by experience. I’ve spent time in the financial services industry but transitioned my career out of it—giving me a combination of insider knowledge and outsider perspective that produces unique money insights.

Financial Media

Demonstrating personal knowledge of a technical subject is one thing, but making a complex topic accessible and understandable requires an entirely different skill. In the blog, you’ll find the technical side of money clearly explained and illustrated—not an encyclopedia of money jargon but a curated selection of key fundamentals that will serve you well. I want to equip you to confidently think about money for yourself, so you can feel comfortable knowing what you can do on your own and when to seek advice from a financial professional. I don’t want to make you my client; I want to help make you a better client. I don’t want you to follow my new, magic 10-step process; I want to help you ably discern what’s beneficial—from the blizzard of financial content that’s already swirling around you.

Friends and Family

Wouldn’t learning about money be more fun if the writer ditched the canned, formulaic voice that you’ve learned to tolerate so often in financial writing and instead told stories, valued humor, and wrote from an honest and authentic human perspective? (Yes. Yes, it would.) I think that’s why we ask our friends and family about money—when they might otherwise have no technical credibility to address these questions. We ask because they’re real people who are struggling on the journey right beside us. I’m not a financial advisor; I’m a writer who values the craft of writing. The style that you’ll find on the blog is creative, practical, and realistic—with regular appearances of light-hearted fun.

Apprentice of Jesus

I think Jesus is the smartest person who ever lived, so I have taken Him up on His invitation to live as His apprentice. You will find evidence of this life strategy at the heart of everything I publish on the blog. Jesus didn’t restrict the invitation to pastors; He extended it to anyone. And that’s good—because I’m not a pastor. I’m an apprentice of Jesus who understands money and loves to write and teach. I know the limitations of the technical side of money. The spiritual, emotional, and psychological sides eventually exert more influence—every time.

The blog at MattChristopherWhite.com is a forum for reading, thinking, discussing, and asking questions about every aspect of money: the spiritual, technical, emotional, and psychological.

Money confronts you every day of your life. Learn how to transform it from a burden to a joy—and make every day better.

Breathe life into your money.

About Matt Christopher White
Matt’s heart beats to infuse the Word of God into real life. He wants to help you form a life-giving, practical theology of money and equip you with the money skills and knowledge to live it—right where you are.


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