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Edited by Jonathan Clements

Contribution by Matt Christopher White

My Money Journey

How 30 People Found Financial Freedom—And You Can Too

Getting to financial independence can seem like an impossible journey. What path should you take? How do you get started? What about bumps in the road? The good news is, there are proven routes to freedom and wealth—and they’re easier and simpler than many folks imagine.

To help you make your own way to financial independence, My Money Journey brings together the inspiring financial life stories of 30 people, all told in their own words.

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You’ll find Matt’s financial life story—”Making It”—in the “Family First” section of My Money Journey. If you’d like to read it now, you can also find it on Matt’s Blog.


A real-life look at how messy, complex—but ultimately rewarding—a personal relationship with money can be.

– Morgan Housel


I loved every bit of this wise book. Its financial success stories don’t owe to towering salaries or complicated investment strategies.

– Christine Benz


Unique and delightful financial life stories.

– Burton G. Malkiel

Writer & Teacher

Matt Christopher White

Matt Christopher White has spent the better part of the last two decades learning, thinking, listening, and talking about money. He is convinced that how you think about money has a profound impact on every area of life.

Matt is concerned that money thinking is often outsourced to a professional or a money personality, or worse, passively caught without intention. He knows the stakes are too high to let this happen.

Matt’s heart beats to infuse the Word of God into real life. He wants to help you form a life-giving, practical theology of money and equip you with the money skills and knowledge to live it—right where you are.