How to Love Money

By Matt Christopher White

How to Love Money

Four Paradoxes that Breathe Life Into Your Finances

Money is a complicated character—perpetuating misunderstanding and causing much stress and frustration. It doesn’t have to be like that. In How to Love Money, you’ll get to know money better by examining the four paradoxes of its four sides—spiritual, technical, emotional, and psychological—and learn how to transform it from a suspicious acquaintance to a familiar ally.

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Matt discussed the release of his book How to Love Money: Four Paradoxes that Breathe Life Into Your Finances with Bob Bell and Dr. Todd Hardin on Joy 620 WRJZ Knoxville.



An accessible, logical, and realistic approach to thinking about your relationship with money.

– Meredith

Knoxville, TN


I read expecting to learn the new system for financial ‘success.’ Somewhere in the middle, I began to feel what I had to learn wasn’t really related to finance but was directly related to letting Jesus completely take over my life.

– Kevin

Maryville, TN


Beyond great. I can only say that God put this in my life at this very moment.

– Tyler

Erwin, TN

Writer & Teacher

Matt Christopher White

Matt Christopher White has spent the better part of the last two decades learning, thinking, listening, and talking about money. He is convinced that how you think about money has a profound impact on every area of life.

Matt is concerned that money thinking is often outsourced to a professional or a money personality, or worse, passively caught without intention. He knows the stakes are too high to let this happen.

Matt’s heart beats to infuse the Word of God into real life. He wants to help you form a life-giving, practical theology of money and equip you with the money skills and knowledge to live it—right where you are.