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Helping You Breathe Life Into Your Money

Think For Yourself

You don’t need another expert telling you what to do with your money. Discover how thinking for yourself—about money—is an authentic act of humility and dependence.

Be An Apprentice

Jesus invites you to come under him as his apprentice. What a practical arrangement for real life—the best there is! Explore what this means for your money.

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What’s For Sale Here?

There’s no membership fee to read any of the articles on the site. There are no financial services or products for sale. You can get Matt’s book, How to Love Money: Four Paradoxes that Breathe Life Into Your Finances, at no cost. If you buy a copy of My Money Journey using this link, a portion of the proceeds will go to support Matt’s work—via the Amazon Affiliates Program.

Who Is The Site For?

All who want to read, discuss, and think about moneyand are curious to find out what Jesus has to do with it.


Matt Christopher White is convinced that how we think about money has a profound impact on every area of life. Matt’s heart beats to infuse the Word of God into real life. He wants to help you form a life-giving, practical theology of money and equip you with the money skills and knowledge to live it—right where you are.

Matt is motivated by his conviction that this need to equip wise money thinkers goes beyond what the inherently conflicted financial services industry can do, requires technical knowledge beyond a pastor’s calling, and isn’t done justice when outsourced to a single financial media personality. Matt doesn’t have all the answers but aims to be faithful and obedient to make a contribution.


Want your question answered in a future blog post? You do not have because you do not ask. So go for it!